Marietta, GA – While Bryan is away, today’s article is written by a special contributor, Kasey Eister.

With an election year upon us, there has been plenty of discussion about local candidates and their value and experience that can be offered to the community.  One of the biggest ways that the community makes their decision on these candidates, is through knowledge of their background.  Past work records, family history, impactful job decisions, these all lead to people deciding their candidate.

However, what about unwanted information? A few terrible reviews on a previous business, ‘tweets’ that may not be taken well- these are all part of what creates a reputation.  People are known for thinking in the present, unaware or uncaring for the impact in their future. 

While the above may be true for a vast majority of people, it is not without its solutions.  Reputation can be re-made and there are resources whose goals are to help aid in reputation management.  Such resources as work to repair and renew people’s reputations with the understanding that defamation and bad online reviews are a hurdle, but one that can be cleared.
While you may not be a candidate running for a local election, your reputation is just as important.  It determines future job opportunities as well as current and future peer groups.  Don’t wait to start working on your background- seize your reputation now.