Oxford, MS – “Reciprocity and Reputation”
Reciprocity is so important to your reputation and you may not even realize it’s path to your success. We, as humans, are by nature, “selfish” or “self-serving” as its built into our DNA to survive and thrive as a species. We create networks of people to help us realize our wants and needs. These networks used to be local. People close to us and within a small, geographic circle. Technology and Social Media has allowed us to extend our geographical reach and with it, our reputation extends beyond those near us. Reciprocity allows us to extend our networks by helping others with their needs while allowing them to help us with ours. Helping others through reciprocity grows our relationship capital as David Nour writes in his best-selling book,

“Relationship Economics”. https://www.amazon.com/Relationship-Economics-Transform-Valuable-Professional/dp/1118057120

Our reputation grows when we help others get what they want and in turn, begin to receive help from others to get what we want. That’s what reciprocity is. Relationships being leveraged to benefit both giver and receiver. FxReputation wants to help you expand your social network reach and extend your reputation within your sphere of influence. Please sign up to receive regular emails of encouragement and concepts that you can apply to grow personally and professionally.

#Encourage Excellence

– Bryan