Oxford, MS – Your personal brand (your Reputation) is becoming more and more important every day. It has always been “important” I suppose but social media has pushed the boundaries of who you know and who knows of you beyond the local zip code where you live. When we started writing about personal reputation and branding a few years ago, we were astonished when WordPress sent us a report at year end showing us that our posts were read in dozens of countries on four continents! Our goal at FxReputation is to empower people to edit their past by the smart use of available tools and to fix their future by proactively engaging others. Getting out there on the internet and contributing. Doing good work and sharing valuable knowledge to others. Or possibly entertaining those who like your talents.

I have been a technologist for over 25 years and the future is coming at us faster every year. Don’t wait until it passes you by and then try to catch up. Grab life by the horns and ride it. Be the good that you want others to be. Contribute and don’t just consume. You can do it and we want to help.